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Finish Dishwasher Rinse Liquid Lemon 800 ml

800 ml Made in Poland

21.73 SAR

Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid Lemon 800ml

Finish Rinse Aid Liquid helps polish and dry your dishes thanks to its reinforced formula that protects glass and prevents water spots. If you feel that your dishes are covered with a layer of grease or food residue, it may be because your dishwasher needs Finish Rinse Aid, which contains the five-action activity that includes washing food leftovers and adding a layer of protection. Available in 800ml bottles and in lemon luster.

Operating the dishwasher should be one of the easiest household tasks. But it creates another problem: water spots. The appearance of water spots does not mean that the washing machine is malfunctioning: it is an unwanted side effect of water evaporating and leaving sediment. The good news is that solving this problem is easy. So don't worry about wasting time and water, use a rinse aid for ready-to-use dishes as soon as you get out of the dishwasher.

rinse aid

When dishes come out less shiny than you want them to, it doesn't mean they haven't been washed properly. This means that the food particles that were removed remained deposits on dishes, glasses, etc. at the end of the cycle. So you need rinse aid.

During the wash cycle, the dishwasher releases the rinse aid , which is then activated to protect dishes and mugs from small food particles. Rinse aid provides protection between food and dishes. This prevents food and mineral particles from sticking again, and the dishes are cleaned in the first cycle.

Finish Rinse Aid includes substances called "surfactants" that reduce the pressure of the surfaces between the water and the glass to ensure that no residue is left on the dishes.

Items such as glass and silverware may not dry properly as the temperature drops quickly when the cycle is over. Rinse Aid disperses water droplets and helps extra dryness, removing grease and any water that may come out.

In addition to the sparkling results, the rinse aid ensures time savings. During the final stage of heat, the circulating water particles help to reduce manual labor after washing.

With Rinse Aid, you finish cleaning and drying quickly and effectively. All you need is to add rinse aid to the glass to get it shiny and dry. Save water, dirty hands, and most importantly, save time.

Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid Lemon 800ml

  • Target group: dishwasher owners
  • Brand - Brand: FINISH
  • Package Size: 800 milli
  • Industry: Poland

Uses : Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid Lemon 800ml can be used with all types of dishwashers and works amazingly well.

  • Better drying performance when using Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid Tablets
  • Quick-drying formula speeds up the drying process of dishes, making them immediately available for use
  • Five powerful functions and glass-protecting components for the brightest and driest dishes
  • Rinsing food residues and fighting water spots while protecting delicate components and glass

How to use Finish Dishwasher Rinse Aid Lemon 800ml :

Poor drying or rinsing performance of your dishwasher, along with a high salt concentration in the water, can cause visible dripping marks on your dishes. Finish Rinse Aid helps remove water droplets from the glass.

Rinse Aid helps prevent water droplets from forming on cups and plates to fight water droplets, stains and film for a clean, glossy sheen.

For shinier, drier dishes

Run Rinse Aid Finish

genius shine

Fights water droplets, fights membrane formation, fights stains

Fill the rinse aid into the dispenser regularly

Finish Rinse Aid dispenser couldn't be easier to use Just fill the rinse aid dispenser and make sure you keep it full. Always use rinse aid for the best possible cleaning, even when using all-in-one tablets.

21.73 SAR
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