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Finish Organic Gel Zero 900 ml = 1.138 kg

900ml Made in France

34.78 SAR

Finish All-in-One Concentrated Gel - Organic Shine Zero, 900 ml

Finish Concentrated Gel is an exceptional dishwasher detergent that combines the cleaning efficacy of Finish Gel, but now with an ultra-concentrated formula Finish Concentrated Gel is optimized for quick dissolving and shines particularly bright during short and low dishwashing settings The formula's Shine & Protect technology protects glassware, making Makes it Shine Longer Finish Concentrated Gel is a powerful product that includes: The power of a concentrated cleaner to penetrate, break down and remove food residue and stains Shine & Protect technology to keep glassware looking great for longer.

Clean and bright dishes

Finish Dishwashing Detergent Gel perfectly and effectively removes stains and dirt. Moreover, this cleaner does not cause any harm to your dishes; It incorporates an effective technology to protect your bottle containers effectively.

Convenient use

The dish detergent gel is easy to use and protects your glass dishes perfectly. It dissolves quickly and provides you with an easy and quick washing process, and it does not need hot water to dissolve in it.

Finish All-in-One Concentrate Gel - Organic Shine Zero 900 ml . Details

  • Target group: dishwasher owners
  • Brand - Brand: FINISH
  • Package Size: 900 milli
  • Industry: France

Uses : Finish Concentrated Gel In One by Finish - Organic Gloss Zero 900 ml can be used with all types of dishwashing and works in an amazing way

  • To clean dishes with shine, even in short wash cycles
  • Lemon degreaser formula to tackle tough greasy residue
  • Recommended by major dishwasher manufacturers
  • Fast and effective gel

How to use Finish In One Concentrated Gel - Organic Shine Zero 900 ml :

Do not store above the following temperature: 40°C (104°F). Store compliance with regulations

the language. Store in the original container out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place

Ventilate away from incompatible materials (see Section 10). Keep container tightly closed when

The product has not been used. Opened containers should be carefully closed and secured in place.

A in the ocean area. Do not store in unmarked containers. The appropriate beneficiary

Avoid any polluting the oceans.

34.78 SAR
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