Capsule is a Saudi company with limited liability and is recognized by the Ministry of Commerce “Maarouf” Specializing in the sale of 100% original and imported hygiene capsules at competitive prices

Affiliate sale

Commission using discount coupon

discount coupon

First: - Request the service for free

Second: - Definition of the service: It is a coupon to reduce the discount rate for the customer 3% and the profit rate for the beneficiary is 3%

How the coupon works in the explainer video

watching video

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Third: Conditions before ordering the service

1- He must have a Saudi bank account

2- The bank account must be identical to the name of the beneficiary at the time of registration

3- Have at least one social media account

4- The number of followers of the account should be a minimum of 500 followers

5- If the coupon is not marketed in one of the capsule channels, the coupon will be suspended immediately

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Fourth: Upon acceptance, it will be yours

1- Transferring the commission amount today, the 5th of each Gregorian month

2- 3% profit rate

3- A link through which you can follow your sales

4- Change the coupon every month in order to clear your account

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